Oklahoma army veteran leaves $2.25 million estate to Habitat for Humanity

© Jim Young/Reuters

Sergeant 1st Class Stephen Florentz is an Army veteran who served his country in Saudi Arabia and Vietnam and also contributed in a magnificent way to his adopted home state of Oklahoma.

Florentz who had retired from the U.S. Army and did in December, left $2.25 million to the Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity from his estate, FOX 25 News reported. The gift from Florentz means that 24 homes will be built.

“It’s a life-changing experience for our families,” Ann Felton-Gilliland, the CEO of Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity said. “Because most of them are living in apartment houses that are in unsafe areas, where their children aren’t able to ride their bicycles or even play in the front yard.”

To Florentz, a Purple Heart recipient who grew up in tenements in New York, homeownership was a dear subject. Florentz wanted others to experience the joy he did when he bought his first home in Oklahoma City, his friends say.

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